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In this tutorial i will demonstrate how implement a navigation drawer according to your customizations. Jobs from Indeed What: Where: jobs by Create New Project by selecting File–>New–>New Project. here type project Name CustomNavigationDrawer.                   Select Empty Activity from the Add the activity screen than Click on […]

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In my Previous post i have post complete design now i will published java source file where we will create inter connection between quickblox server. Step1. i have include the following dependencies in my project. compile ‘’ compile ‘’ compile ‘’ testCompile ‘junit:junit:4.12’ compile files(‘libs/eventbus-2.0.1.jar’) compile files(‘libs/jxmpp-core-0.4.1.jar’) compile files(‘libs/jxmpp-jid-0.4.1-alpha1.jar’) compile files(‘libs/jxmpp-util-cache-0.5.0-alpha2.jar’) compile files(‘libs/minidns-0.1.3-sources.jar’) compile files(‘libs/minidns-0.1.3.jar’) […]

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xmpp chat application in android (Phase I) In Previous post i have published how to install xmpp server on your own desktop server click here .now in Phase I we will learn how to create single chat Application using xmpp server for android phone. [huge_it_slider id=”1″] In your activity_main.xml file just type the following code. […]

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This Post explain you how to install Ejabberd Setup On ubunto 16.04 open Terminal and hit some command to install Ejabberd Setup. Step 1- Install Ejabberd by hitting the command. apt-get install ejabberd Step 2- Create and Setup Admin User to access cpanel of ejabberd just type. ejabberdctl register admin localhost password Here Change Password […]

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This Post explain you how to install Ejabberd Setup On ubunto 12.10 What is Xmpp? Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) is a real-time communication protocol for message-oriented middle-ware based on XML (Extensible Markup Language). It gives the presence of the other users. whatsapp, Google chat etc use XMPP Protocol. The protocol was originally named […]